Review: Troller – Graphic

The Playground

March 25, 2016

“The sun-soaked state of Texas is better known for its psychedelic rock groups (13th Floor Elevators, Ringo Deathstarr, etc.), post-rockers like Explosions In The Sky and Stars Of The Lid, and indie guitar troupes such as Spoon and Okkervil River. But Austin also hosts a colony of more gothic acts, resistant to such fripperies and far more interested in the darker aspects of life.

Catering for those outcasts, there’s the Darkest Before Dawn show on the local radio station, the Elysium alternative nightclub and the Secret Oktober goth fashion store (who also put on events). There are also a bunch of post-punk darkwave groups based there who sound like they’d be more at home moping around 1970s Sheffield. These include Knifight, De Palma, Rikroshi, MUSIDORA VAMPIRES and Troller.” –
JR Moores, The Playground


 January 29, 2015

Musidora Vampires Downer

“You Just Might Need This Song Today and Forever.”– Ian Ottaway, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Spiritual Tech,

From Our Living Room to Yours: The Best of Austin’s Bandcamp

OVRLD: Austin Music First

November 15, 2013

Musidora Vampires Wasp

“When the Raveonettes first appeared more than a decade ago with the Whip It On EP, there was a lot of promise in their confrontational, black leather and reverb aesthetic. Yet their first couple releases were basically immature, heavy on fuzzed out guitar swagger and ghostly cooing vocals but light on memorable hooks and intriguing structures. I have no idea where the [expletive] Kevin Kelly swooped in from, but with his debut release for Musidora Vampires, “Wasp,” he’s got that Raveonettes echoing cool down pat and has the hooks and structure to match. “Wasp” features a menacingly straightforward beat and a nagglingly hooky bassline that boost the angular, madly propulsive guitars through the redline, creating a dense, swirling sound that somehow grants the vague, nearly mantra-like vocals more heft than they should have given how full the production is. There’s some Trent Reznor-like arrangement skills present here, and in time, Kelly might just have what it takes to make Musidora Vampires a critical and commercial juggernaut Reznor himself might be proud of.”– Maxwell Demon


Loser City

November 17, 2013

Musidora Vampires Wasp (Austin)

“A mixture of Raveonettes guitars and minimalism with the arrangement sensibilities of Trent Reznor.” – Nick Hanover